The Story
of Bronca

BRONCA was established by the twin brothers, Jose Ignacio (Nacho) & Juan Pablo Portela in early 2018.

The twins were born in SouthAmerica Montevideo, Uruguay capital. Soon at the age of 5 they moved to the countryside and shared their lives with very poor children in rural area, where their father managed a ranch.

Every morning at 5 am from the ages of 6 years until 10 years the twins rode their horses 9 miles to school and back in the Menafra, Rio Negro area.

We always wanted to do something that helps children, but before Bronca we never knew how

They were always covered by ponchos. The most valuable apparel in those times for climate and comfort. Most of their friends at that age also rode horses and relide on the school for food and support. The majority of the kids received one meal per day provided by the school.

Once in University the brothers managed to achieve good education, JP in Switzerland studying Hotel Management and Nacho in Uruguay studying Business.

Born into a family with Christian values and always educated with the moral of helping others, they thought how to contribute their grain of sand to social assistance. Today, at the age of 40 years old they have been able to create BRONCA in order to help in a more concrete way and give food to children who are in need.

BRONCA was started with the purpose to fulfill the concurrent failure of the system.

Every day we watch news on TV and Videos on social media describing poor childs with no food. We want to change that now!.

BRONCA is delivering great apparel (ponchos) with the purpose to fill and important need in communities world wide. Generating profit is a must. That would allow BRONCA to attend the child's needs in the entire world.

The company donates fifty percent (50%) of the profits to NGOS that feed hungry children around the globe.

​Today the brothers strive to make this dream come true by motivating everyone to generate business where the partners are not only the investors, but also those who need it most!