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BRONCA was founded in 2018 by twin brothers Jose Ignacio and Juan Pablo Portela.

Their transformative experience in a rural school in Uruguay motivated the twins to set up a company that would work to support underprivileged children. 

Starting at the age of six, the Portelas used to ride through the Uruguayan countryside to school every morning. Protected by their ponchos, they travelled 15km to class every day. 

Once there, they were shocked to learn that most of their classmates survived on just one meal a day. The children, most of whom came from low-income families, relied on the resources of the little school completely. 

Thirty years later, BRONCA was born with one clear mission: to nourish and support children around the world

50% of BRONCA's profits go to feeding underprivileged children around the world.


The poncho, a symbol of innocence and integrity, became an emblem of empathy – the badge of BRONCA.

We sell ponchos with a purpose. Our objective is to provide food and crucial resources for the children who need it most.  

By purchasing our high quality products, you will be directly impacting the lives of children around the world. 

Your contribution is noble and much needed. Wear your BRONCA with pride and purpose!