Our mission is simple: We want to have a positive impact on the lives of children around the world.

We work hard to raise money through the sale of lovingly crafted contemporary rural goods, donating fifty percent of our profits to NGOs that specialise in eradicating child hunger.

According to the Food Aid Foundation, in a “world where we produce enough food to feed everyone, 821 million people—one in nine—still go to bed on an empty stomach each night. Even more—one in three—suffer from some form of malnutrition.”

Our goal is to provide nutritional and educational support for kids everywhere. We’re thinking schools with vegetable gardens, cooking lessons, time spent outdoors, horse riding lessons, and so much more.

We are fed up of seeing the system fail children everywhere. Children need education and support and clothes. But above all else, they need food. So that is what we are focusing on right now: filling empty bellies.

The only way we can feed the kids who need it most is through the sale of our products. We want to show everyone that there is a simple way of generating positive change.

When you buy BRONCA, you are voting with your dollar, directly impacting the lives of underprivileged children, and shaping the future of communities around the world.